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hannah maden


I wear a few hats beneath the visual arts umbrella; I'm a self employed art director, visual artist and senior designer for contracted, client based work, a curator and founder of an artist network and an academic and artist teacher for both formal and informal arts education. I specialise in design, digital and analogue photography, alternative photographic processes, praxis and art pedagogy. My artistic practice focuses on people, the presence of people, spaces, location and a connection to the environment. My research is influenced on a deeper understanding of observation and awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, ideas of matter with meaning, embodied pedagogies and learning parallels. In addition to photography and digital manipulation, I am interested in traditional processes and pushing the boundaries by experimenting with materials; creating abstract pieces with a focus on discovery and learning through doing. ​

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I have been involved in visual arts for 12+ years, working alongside print studio technicians, photographers, marketers and educators. I have developed long lasting, professional relationships by personally assisting independent visual artists in their studios and curators in commercial gallery spaces; experiencing the art world from multiple perspectives. Since 2014 I have trained and worked within education, teaching art, design and photography and coordinating visual arts for post 16 students. In recent years, I have advanced my career by developing new partnerships with independent galleries, colleges, universities, local artists, art activists and curators; ensuring my knowledge of the arts, teaching and learning expands to new heights and with a focus on art techniques, leadership and community. It is through this networking that I decided to set up the Vision LTD and CIC companies and bring my colleagues together through the By The Way networking platform. It has been important for me to work these roles simultaneously and to further my education for personal and professional development; the result of a continued passion informing everything I do in work, as an educator and in life. 


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